Saturday 12th November 2011
9am - 11am

Emmanuel School, Coronation Avenue,
Nottingham, NG11 7AD

        • Giving life to your quality used children's clothes, toys, books and nursery equipment.

        • Putting life back in your purse.

        • Helping improve the lives of others.

The Life Sale has been set up to support 
The Friary Drop-In  charity number 1056825
and Education for Life  charity number 1078088  

The sale is also an opportunity to help local residents in and around West Bridgford and Gamston to sell and buy good quality children's clothing and toys.  With 30% of the money made on each item going to the charities mentioned, 70% can be collected by the seller at the end of the day along with any unsold items.  There is also the option to donate any unsold items to various local charities if you do not want them back!

DO NOT BE MISTAKEN - THIS IS NOT A "JUMBLE SALE"!  It is a well organised sale.        

If you wish to sell items please ring the HOTLINE No: 07039402095 which opens on 1st October 2011 to register yourself as a seller.  There will be a limited number of sellers allowed so please ring promptly.

You will bring your sale items to Emmanuel School on the evening of Friday 11th November between 6 - 7pm, where a team of helpers will be on hand for sorting and quality checking goods.

On the day of the sale the helpers return to do a variety of jobs :
  • selling the items
  • re-sorting unsold items and returning them
  • restoring the school to it's usual state

If you wish to be a helper and have "first choice" of the sale goods please state this when you call the hotline.
How to label sale items

Each article for sale must have attached to it a label made of card (eg cut from an old cereal packet).

We cannot accept responsibility for labels that get lost in sorting or during the sale.

Labels should state clearly :
  • Your full name and address
  • Size / age range of the article
  • The selling price
  • LIFE or DISPOSE or RETURN as required (see below)
High price items benefit from a brief description of the article.
The label should be sewn onto items of clothing or attached with safety pins.
Toys, nursery equipment etc should be labelled with luggage tags (bought or home-made).

Tags can be secured to books using an elastic band threaded through the tag hole, then the band stretched around the spine.  

Items which include more than one piece must be tied together securely.

  • Do not make labels out of paper - they tear off easily and get lost
  • Do not use sellotape to attach labels - they frequently come off 
  • Do not use dressmaking pins to attach labels - they are a danger to the sorters
  • Do not put more than one label on any item
  • Only write on one side of the label

Donating the whole price / item

If you wish to support the named charities further by donating all your asking price for goods sold, please write LIFE at the bottom of the sale label.

If you would like Social Services or a local charity to use your unsold goods, please write DISPOSE at the bottom of the sale label.

If you would like to collect your unsold items after the sale, please write RETURN at the bottom of the label.