Saturday 23rd November 2019

11am to 1pm
St Paul's Church, Boundary Road

Admission  50p

Refreshments available
 Quality used children's clothes, toys,
books, sports and nursery equipment.
Cash only, no cheques

Giving life to your quality used children's clothes, toys, books and nursery equipment.

Putting life back in your purse.  
Helping improve the lives of others

The Life Sale has been set up to support 
                                The Friary  charity no 1056825
                    and Education for Life  charity no 1078088  

The sale is also an opportunity to help local residents in and around
West Bridgford and Gamston to sell and buy good quality children's 
clothing and toys. With 30% of the money made on each item
going to the charities mentioned, 70% can be collected by 
the seller at the end of the day along with any unsold 
items. There is also the option to donate any 
unsold items to various local charities if you
don't want them back!

This sale has been inspired by the KWON sale in Bramcote.
Thanks go to the team there for all their help and encouragement.